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Rose & Rabbit Creamy facial wash

Give your skin the ultimate care.

Dermatologically Tested

Safe products suitable for all skin types and easy to use.


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The thing that could
describe Rose and Rabbit


The thing that could describe Rose and Rabbit is the quality better than any other. We are obsessed with beautiful things with best quality and we strive to make you feel more confident and better.

As the growing brand of skin care products, we strive to meet all the customer's needs that add glamor to your face & body. What drives us forward is the talent of curating a carefully curated of best face wash skin care products that makes you smile with happiness. Get a taste of Rose and Rabbit here.


Rose & Rabbit creamy facial wash is good for my oily skin. It removes all the excess oils from my skin and gives a soft and smooth feel to my face.

Kiran - A happy Rabbit

I use creamy facial wash everyday. It moistures and gives glow to my face. No doubts on its quality.

Mahira - A happy Rose

Its creamy facial wash makes my skin healthy rich of vitamins and gives moisture. The fragrance of the face wash is excellent.

Raj - A happy Rabbit

It gives a freshness to your mental health whenever you use this face wash for oily skin. its fragrance and creamy feel is what you need for your face. Love it.

Shreya - A happy Rose

I wanted a best face wash which can make my rough skin very smooth and make it less oily and here it is. Looking forward to other products of rose & rabbit. They’ve maintained high level of products.

Jay - A happy Rabbit

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